Suncraft Industries Inc. is a USA subsidiary of Macron Associate Co., the leading plumbing fixture, lighting fixture and hardware products manufacturer and supplier in the world.

Established in1997, Suncraft Industries Inc. is a comprehensive supplier best known for the Pop-Up Waste Drains, Shower Head, Tub Spouts, Tools and related products. The Macron innovative thinking provides economical solutions and best quality to market's requirements.

It is well recognized that the demand for high quality plumbing fixtures and its related products will increase significantly. Macron is well regarded in the OEM/ODM business. We have devoted significant resources and accumulated experiences to enhance the vertical integrated manufacturing, implement advanced technology, assure best quality, and continue to reduce manufacturing costs to ensure that Macron has the capability to provide professional service for customers.

  • To supply our customers a high quality product at competitive prices within 24 hours of receiving an order.
  • We will respond immediately to all inquiries, suggestions and complaints.
  • Our factory will maintain its ISO9001-2000 certification and obtain all other appropriate certifications for our products.
  • We will continue our direction of moving our products through legitimate wholesale distribution.
  • We will continue to expand our product offering by utilizing our manufacturing expertise to produce additional items that our customers can distribute with pride.